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Mental Health Commission of NSW

$135,000 Leadership Gift

Supporting Research & Innovation at Western Sydney University

The Mental Health Commission of NSW (the Commission) is an independent statutory agency responsible for monitoring, reviewing and improving mental health and wellbeing for people in NSW. In all its work, the Commission is guided by the voice of people with lived experience of mental health issues and caring, their families and kinship groups. The Commission advocates for policies and practices that recognise the autonomy of people who experience mental health issues and support their recovery, emphasising their personal and social needs and preferences.

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The Commission has partnered with Western Sydney University in the final development stage of “Moody Tunes”, an innovative, evidence-based smartphone app for youth mental health. The development of the app has been led by Dr Sandra Garrido from the MARCS Institute and the School of Psychology, and designed with young people, for young people.

This investment reflects the Commission’s desire to promote appealing and engaging ways for young people to better manage their mental health, in line with the Commission’s vision that “the people of NSW have the best opportunity for good mental health and wellbeing and to live well in the community, on their own terms, having the services and supports they need to live a full life”.

We wish Western Sydney University a successful and fun-filled Giving Day!

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