Western is committed to high-impact research that makes a tangible and ongoing difference in the world, and is responsive to contemporary challenges.

Western Sydney University fosters strong research collaboration with industry, government and the community. Practical outcomes are essential to our research mission, with impact across social, economic and environmental ecosystems.

From research identifying schools in Western Sydney that are vulnerable to heat-stress, to world class health and medical research in chronic diseases, Western consistently attains the highest rating of ERA 5 for much of our research.

Our research spans local, regional, national and international partnerships, having real impact and changing lives for the better. 

With your support, we can continue world-class research and innovation shaping the future of Western Sydney. 

Research & Innovation Projects

Science & Technology

Driving a sophisticated innovation ecosystem for the region

Health & Wellbeing

Dealing head-on with health issues affecting the community.

Sustainability & the Environment

Responding to the challenges and impacts of global environmental change.

Arts & Humanities

Research in the Arts & Humanities seeks to achieve both excellence and impact in Western Sydney and the world.

Research & Innovation (General)

Making a difference with excellent research and innovation, driven by impact.

Integrative Health

Exploring scientific evidence for integrating Chinese medicine in cancer treatment.

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Western Sydney University’s Launch Pad supports start-ups and scale-ups that leverage advanced technologies as a change agent for the regional economy. Driving innovation in the region, Launch Pad helps entrepreneurs take their mission to the next level.

What are we raising money for?

Our Research & Innovation Fundraisers

Science & Technology

Our researchers in the areas of Science & Technology generate in-depth knowledge of theory and practice with research proximity to other disciplines including humanities, environmental studies and medical research.

Western’s International Centre for Neuromorphic Systems (ICNS) is a world leader in the development of biology-inspired Neuromorphic Perception Solutions. The centre’s pioneering research on energy-efficient neuromorphic sensors, algorithms and processing hardware are set to transform data collection and processing in areas such as space and aviation, smart manufacturing, automotive, agriculture and medical technology.

Health & Wellbeing

Western Sydney University maintains a reputation for high quality health and medical research, including research on chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer and dementia.

We're dealing head-on with health issues affecting the community; health issues already in epidemic proportions and only set to increase, putting enormous strain on families, communities, the health system and the nation.

Your donation will help expand our quality medical programs and research projects- research that will directly impact and leave a lasting legacy for the community.

Sustainability & the Environment

The University’s position in Western Sydney gives it a unique perspective on the interdependence of urban and agricultural systems. Our research also extends beyond the region and is oriented to finding novel responses to the grand challenges and impacts of global environmental change.

Our campuses are living labs for innovation and collaboration through local, national and global research partnerships.

EucFACE allows researchers to field test the effects of increased atmospheric carbon on mature trees. The National Vegetable Protected Cropping Centre is amongst the most technologically advanced of its kind, positioning Western Sydney University as a global leader in technology augmented food production.

Your donation to the Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment will support our critical research.

Arts & Humanities

Research in the Arts & Humanities seeks to achieve both excellence and impact in Western Sydney and the world.

Our researchers partner and collaborate across the University and the sector. Integrating industry practice with theoretical knowledge, our innovative research enriches teaching, fosters social and economic outcomes.

Research in the Arts & Humanities encompasses education, society and culture, social sciences, and business and law and has local, national and international relevance.

Integrative Health

Chinese medicine, including acupuncture, herbal medicine, Qigoing (mind-body exercise), and dietary therapy, has a long history in healthcare. In Western countries, it is used to treat the symptoms of cancer and side effects of treatment, with preliminary supportive evidence.

Western Sydney University researchers are working alongside medical and healthcare professionals at hospitals in NSW, to explore scientific evidence that proves the effectiveness, safety, and potential mechanisms for the integration of Chinese medicine and better outcome of cancer survivorship.

The Chinese Medicine Centre is an international partnership between Western Sydney University and Beijing University of Chinese Medicine.

Your donation will support one of a series of integrative health research projects led by the Chinese Medicine Centre and NICM Health Research Institute.

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