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Presentation Sisters

$525,000 Leadership Gift

Supporting Research & Innovation at Western Sydney University

The Congregation of Presentation Sisters Wagga Wagga has long been committed to addressing the needs of our planet, alongside justice and advocacy for those in the margins of society. That is why we support Western Sydney University. They are not just an educational institution; they are inclusive in the way they  have developed a close connection with the local  communities of Western Sydney and the needs of  students. They attach particular importance to access to education for Indigenous Peoples. The Sisters value their Partnership with  Western Sydney University.

Research and Innovation Projects

Science & Technology

Driving a sophisticated innovation ecosystem for the region

Health & Wellbeing

Dealing head-on with health issues affecting the community.

Sustainability & the Environment

Responding to the challenges and impacts of global environmental change.

Arts & Humanities

Research in the Arts & Humanities seeks to achieve both excellence and impact in Western Sydney and the world.

Research & Innovation (General)

Making a difference with excellent research and innovation, driven by impact.

Integrative Health

Exploring scientific evidence for integrating Chinese medicine in cancer treatment.

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